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    • 2016
      • Jan 01 2015

        “EHL Holding SA” is created in order to ensure the proper management of each of its various specialized business units.

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      • Jan 01 2014

        EHL launches its Master of Science in Global Hospitality Business, in partnership with the School of Hotel and Tourism Management at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Conrad N. Hilton College at Houston University.

        The program starts in September 2015. Read more
      • Jan 01 2013

        EHL launches its campus development project and the school’s infrastructure begins to change.

        The first construction work, completed in 2015, lasts 19 months and includes an additional 3,900 square meters for offices and academia. Read more
      • Jan 01 2013

        EHL celebrates 120 years of existence and excellence. At the end of the year, the school acquires the Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality AG (SSTH) in Passugg, Switzerland.

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      • Jan 01 2013

        EHL’s vegetable garden is born: a true teaching environment using the principles of permaculture to teach students about new tastes and biodiversity.

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      • Jan 01 2012

        A revamped preparatory year is created with the aim of teaching students the values of excellence and know-how as well as giving them the practical experience necessary for their future management positions.

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      • Jan 01 2011

        The new Berceau des Sens opens its doors. EHL’s training restaurant is open to the public for private fine-dining experiences.

        It features a private salon, a lounge bar and a wine cellar. Read more
      • Jun 01 2010

        Mr. Michel Rochat is appointed General Director of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne on June 1st 2010.

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      • Jan 01 2009

        To promote equal opportunities, EHL offers financial assistance to talented students who do not have the necessary financial resources to enter the school. The Scholarship Fund is created.

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      • Jan 01 2008

        EHL launches its new Bachelor program. The innovation institute is created, as well as the business incubator a year later.

        1,898 students - 82 nationalities Read more
      • Jan 01 2006

        The new Alumni Center is created with the aim of offering a larger range of services to EHL graduates and fostering their commitment to the school.

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      • Jan 01 2004

        A new accreditation of a higher level is granted by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). EHL becomes the first hotel management school in Europe to be accredited at this top level.

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      • Jan 01 2001

        2001 sees the launch of the Master in Hospitality Administration (MHA), a postgrad program similar to an international MBA.

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      • Jan 01 1998

        EHL joins the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO), becoming the first Swiss hotel management school to be recognized as a university by the Swiss government.

        1,000 students - 50 nationalities Read more
      • Jan 01 1996

        EHL creates and opens the English section. After more than a century as the first hotel management school with classes taught in French, EHL is now bilingual.

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      • Jan 01 1994

        EHL launches its new Bachelor program in International Hospitality Management.

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      • Jan 01 1989

        “EHL 2000” project: EHL initiates a large-scale re-evaluation procedure of its education philosophy based on survey results. EHL moves further towards management and uses teaching methods that best comply with university requirements.

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      • Jan 01 1986

        An admission exam is introduced, thus bringing to an end the long waiting list that was previously the only admission condition at EHL. This marks the beginning of a more stringent selection process.

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      • Jan 01 1976

        EHL draws up its charter, which sets the fundamental principles of its philosophy and provides the basis for new program development.

        The school creates a department of consulting and executive education, Lausanne Hospitality Consulting. Read more
      • Jan 03 1975

        Video: Chalet-à-Gobet Campus

      • Jan 01 1975

        Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne moves to its current site in Le Chalet-à-Gobet and unveils its new campus, located just a few kilometers north of Lausanne.

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      • Jan 01 1974

        EHL becomes a not-for-profit foundation while maintaining very close ties with the Association suisse des hôteliers.

        Profits are annually reinvested in the school to nurture the excellence of its education and infrastructures. Read more
      • Jan 01 1970

        During this period, one quarter of students are female. Half are Swiss and the others originate from foreign countries.

        600 students – 45 nationalities Read more
      • Jan 01 1965

        Video: TSR, 1965

      • Jan 01 1959

        EHL creates a new concept: student internships. Demand from the industry is so strong that there are not enough interns to meet the considerable number of job offers.

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      • Jan 01 1951

        Post-war euphoria enables the school to grow rapidly. The curriculum’s academic aspect is strengthened and classes are taught by highly qualified professors and professionals.

        The school introduces a preparatory year for the students who need to improve their academic knowledge. EHL starts to publish its own course textbooks, which become reference material used by many other hotel schools. 500 students – 30 nationalities Read more
      • Jan 01 1943

        The Second World War forces EHL to close. But in 1943, thanks to the efforts of its 600 Alumni and their “SOS Survie” fundraising initiative, the school was able to reopen its doors.

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      • Jan 01 1926

        L'Association des Anciens Elèves de l'Ecole hôtelière de la SSH is created. It has 110 members in its first year.

        Today, EHL has 25,000 Alumni in over 120 countries worldwide. Read more
      • Jan 01 1924

        The creation of a mixed-gender class marks a new chapter in the school's history with the admission of four young women. The school also becomes more selective.

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      • Jan 01 1904

        The school develops and moves into its own building on the Avenue de Cour in Lausanne.

        31 students - 4 nationalities Read more
      • Jan 01 1893

        Created by Jacques Tschumi, the first classes of the Ecole professionnelle de la Société suisse des Hôteliers (which would later become Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne) were given at the Hôtel d'Angleterre, on the shores of Lake Geneva.

        27 students - 2 nationalities Read more

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