As the world’s first hotel school, EHL prepares the leaders of tomorrow in partnership with the Swiss and international hospitality industry. Through our subsidiary, Lausanne Hospitality Consulting (LHC), we have developed an elite network of certified schools through which we can continue to transfer our practical knowhow and hospitality skills (“savoir-faire” and “savoir-être”) with the vision of sharing the Swiss hospitality excellence around the world.

The EHL certification recognizes institutions which are best-in-class, or becoming best-in-class, in their respective countries or regions. Each school demonstrates a high commitment towards hospitality education and strong partnerships within their local industry.

Schools enter into the program ensuring periodic reviews, quality improvement and faculty training to maintain the certification. Faculty and management of each school undergo our Qualified Learning Facilitator’s training program, designed to transfer the art and science of facilitating learning. Students from the certified institutions are facilitated in their learning endeavors, through benchmarked curriculums, bespoke campus facilities, and transfer/exchange opportunities within the certified schools.

*In academic association with the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne.

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