The 2nd annual private markets research conference is a forum to explore the latest advances in private markets research by combining academic and practitioner perspectives. This academic conference will take place in Lausanne on July 5 - 6, 2018. Investing in private markets implies a deep knowledge of private equity, private debt and private real assets. Though challenging, it is becoming increasingly popular among institutional investors due to the low-yield environment and the advocated diversification benefits of private investments. Despite the lack of comprehensive datasets for private markets, significant research breakthroughs have been made recently in understanding the performance and risk drivers of private investing. 

We are pleased to announce that the two keynote speakers will be Prof. Tim Jenkinson, Professor of Finance at the Oxford Saïd Business School and Prof. Per Strömberg, Professor of Finance at the Stockholm School of Economics. We welcome submissions on intermediated private equity, private debt, and private real assets but also, more broadly, papers that seek to improve the understanding of economics related to the private markets industry.

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